About ModalAkustik

ModalAkustik is a loudspeaker manufacturer based in Pulheim (Germany) that aims at realizing best possible audio reproduction in living environments. Because what is the benefit of having speakers that only deliver under perfect conditions?


The name ModalAkustik is derived from modal resonances, that every room possesses. That are peaks and dips at certain frequencies (depending on room size and nature), which distort music reproduction and in the bass area often lead to boomyness.


The ModalAkustik MusikBass, a subwoofer using the RiPol-principle by Axel Ridtahler, animates room resonances to a lesser extent than regular subwoofer principles. The result is a taut, deep and clear bass response, that can upgrade almost any main speaker.


Axel Ridtahler, the inventor of the RiPol-principle, took part in the development of the MusikBass. He is a cooperation partner of ModalAkustik.


We wish you a great time listening to music with our products. Do not hesitate to contact us for any questions you may have. You can contact ModalAkustik via our contact form, via email at info@modalakustik.de or via phone +49 178 3969 382.


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Best regards,

Michael Wydra (right side on the photo, founder and owner of ModalAkustik)

Axel Ridtahler (left side of the photo, cooperation partner and responsible for the technical development of the MusikBass subwoofer)

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