The MusikBass und its features

The MusikBass uses the RiPol-principle invented by Axel Ridtahler, which produces extraordinary precise bass (also see sections "The RiPol-principle" and "10 advantages").


The enclosure

  • The MusikBass has a robust enclosure made of acrylic (for the chassis chambers) and an aluminium compound material (center piece)
  • The acrylic parts are laser-cut, enabling perfect fit
  • Layer construction with alternating coloured and transparent acrylic plates
  • Acrylic is an easy-care material, slight scratches can be polished away
  • The acrylic parts and the aluminium compound material are made in Germany, the assembly of the MusikBass is made in Germany

The technical components

  • Two 12 inch chassis with coated paper membrane and 8 mm linear (!) excursion
  • Every (!) chassis is measured before assembly
  • The chassis are selected in pairs for each MusikBass on the basis of the measured parameters
  • High-quality speaker-wire-terminals made by German high-end manufacturer WBT
  • Silver-plated copper wire made by German high-end manufacturer Inakustik

Individualization options

  • The acrylic enclosure is available in black and white high-gloss
  • The curved center piece is available in the following colours: mirror/chrome finish, brushed silver aluminium, brushed gold, brushed copper, black, white, grey
  • The chassis magnets have cloth covers, standard is white for the white enclosure and black for the black enclosure (different combination on request)
  • The middle piece and cloth covers can be changed at a later point by ModalAkustik if needed (e.g. to match a new interior)

Technical data:

Dimensions: 39,0cm x 30,4cm/36cm incl. magnets x 39,9cm (Length x Width x Height)

Bass response: down to 18 Hz at -6 dB (near field measurement)


If you have any further questions please contact us:, +49 178 3969 382 or via our contact form.

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